Shirkada Telesom Iyo Waxtarkeeda Gobolada Sool,Sanaag,Cayn Ee Khaatumo State(Warbixin+Sawiro)

Waxaan halkan idiinku soo gudbineynaa dhamaan umada reer Khaatumo State in shirkada Telesom tahay shirkada kaliya ee dalka oo dhan si toosa uga hawl gasha.

Waxaan si gaara ugu soo gudbineynaa umada reer Khaatumo State, in shirkadi tahay shirkada kaliya ee dalka iyo dadkaba u shaqeeysa, waxaana sidoo kale xusuus mudan in la ogaado in shirka telesomleeyihiin dhamaan umada Somaliyeed isla markaana adeegyadeedu gaadhaan dhamaan dalka somali oo dhan.

Shirkada telesom deegaan ahaan wax badan ayay u qabataa umada reer Khaatumo State, Khaasatan gobolada SSC wax waxyeelo u ahna ma geeysato, Shirkada Telesom ee isla markaa ka howl gasha gudaha gobolada SSC.

Sidoo kale waxay wax ka qabataa shirkadu, baahiyaha faraha badan ee ku imanaya bulshada reer Khaatumo State   sida, Waxbarashada, Kaalmeynta Beydadka Alle dhismahooda, Daryeelka dadka tamerta yar”Duqooshinka”, Taageerida Dhalinyada Sports ka, Shaqaaleynta iyo Mashruucsiinta Ardeyda wax ka barata gudaha dalka, Nadafadeynta Deegaanada,  Waxay shirkada telesom ka mudan tahay umada reer Khaatumo State Sharaf.


Hadaba Adeegyada Ay Bixiso Shirkadu Ama Ku Shaqeyso Ee Aynaan Meel Kale Ka Helayn Maxaa Kamida:-

ZAAD Services


ZAAD services is a mobile money transfer introduced by Telesom in 2007. ZAAD services brought out tremendous advantage for the Somalian people, it facilitates flow of money inside urban and rural areas, people can simply deposit, withdraw or send for their own purpose with free services. ZAAD increased market movements inside Somalia. ZAAD services a friendly service which can simply use your many at anytime and anywhere with cost incur for transactions.                         How to register for ZAAD Services?

You can register ZAAD services account for free at anytime and anywhere available for Telesom services. To register to go visit Telesom sales centers.


Step 1: Go to Telesom Sales center and Request ZAAD registration

Step 2: Take digital Passport picture

Step 3: Fill registration form for your personal information

Step 4: Choice your password code number

Step 5: Sign ZAAD registration and agreement form

How to activate your ZAAD account?

  • Dial *888#
  • Enter start key you will receive SMS
  • Enter news 4 PIN code as your password

For more details, please visit

Our GSM/3G services


Our GSM Services include Voicemail; Call back, SMS, News headlines, Google search, livestock prices, stock exchange rates (Aqoon-maal), ZAAD Services, GPRS, 3G, International Roaming, Postpaid Simcards, Prepaid Simcards and other value added services.

Telesom is the first telecommunication company in Somalia that introduced to the people of Somalia the use of GSM mobile telephone system. Other companies are now trying to provide this service but none can compare to the quality services provided by Telesom, particularly, the roaming services between major cities and towns of Somalia that can only be obtained from Telesom. The ever-growing number of

Telesom mobile telephone users are a testimony to the market dominance of Telesom and are in fact a reflection of the company’s motto of being “Telesom the right choice for everybody” or “Telesom: The reliable choice”.

Nowadays the rural and nomadic communities use Telesom mobile telephones. Telesom modem microwave links enable the rural communities to tap into the Telesom telecommunication system. This facility freed the population in the rural areas from the arduous and costly task of traveling to major cities and towns just to make telephone calls in order to contact their families and relatives.



Aqoon-maal is a golden VAS services brought by Telesom, which distributes useful information to Telesom subscribers by any ages, it offers  International and local news, sports news, dictionary facilities, money exchange, commodities prices, social debates and so many other services, still  Aqoon-maal initiating more interesting value added services with a vast advantage for our honorable customers.

AQOON-MAAL Services                How to use instruction


  • Aljazeera News                        In your sms write jzr then send to 150
  • BBC News                                In your sms write bbc then send to 150
  • VOA News                                In your sms write voa then send to 150
  • Dalka News                                 In your sms write dalka then send to 150

2. SMS Sports News

  • International Sport                       In your sms write sports then send to 150
  • National sports                            In your sms write sports then send to 150

3. SMS Dictionary Services 

  • Somali/English                        In your sms write en then add the work , then send to 150
  • English/Somali                           In your sms write som then add the work , then send to 150
  • English/English                        In your sms write en then add the work , then send to 150

4. Money Exchange Rate 

  • Foriegn exchange             In your sms write sar then send to 150
  • Animal Prices                    In your sms write sar then send to 150
  • Commodity prices             In your sms write sar then send to 150

5. SMS Wikipedia Services

  • Wikipedia Global Search              In your sms write wiki then add the word/Statement then send to 150

6. SMS2EMAIL Services

  • a. To send sms to someone’s email addresss, write in your sms email then add to the email address of the person and add the body of your and then send to 150
  • b. To send an email to someone’s mobile phone, write your message as usual but address to his/her number preceded by 2522 and succeeded by and then send. For example, if the person’s number is 4220227, his/her address is like this

7. Baaqi Service

  • Aqoon-maal Account Balance   In your sms write baaqi then send to 150

8. INFO Service

  • Complaints & advices                  In your sms write info then add your advice/complaint then send to 150

9. Call me Back Service

  • When your account empty         In your sms write call then add the number  and then send to 150

10. Salaad Service

  • Adaan Time            In your sms write salaad then send to 150

11. Dood Service

  • a. In the dood services, to review the ideas of other participants write Dood and then send to 150
  • b. In the dood serivice, to take part in the dood (Discussions), write dood then add your idea and then send to 150.

Fixed Landline


In the very short period of time, Telesom has been operational company and had installed over hunderds of thousand of fixed landlines and fax lines in Hargeisa and other major cities and towns of Somalia than any other telephone company in the country. The high quality services provided by Telesom had attracted a steady stream of customers who are eager to obtain Telesom telecommunication lines. This had resulted in rapid expansion of the company in a very short period of time. Today in every major town of Somalia and particularly in the capital cities can be easily find a Telesom telephone line networks. Moreover, almost all the substations that provide telecommunication facilities use the company’s telephone and fax lines.

Telesom fixed landline has useful features such as ILA HADAL (VOIP SERVICE), AQOONYAHAN (Educator Program), Multi Conference), Call pick up, Destination allow and Destination Deny etc.

The demand for Telesom fixed telephone lines, fax lines, mobile telephones and Internet connection are increasing day after day. The modern telecommunication equipment that Telesom uses guarantees quality services that result in higher customer satisfaction, which is the main reason that is driving this growing demand.

Video Conference System

Video Conference System is a new technology brought by Telesom Company in Somalia. Video Conference system is an interactive tool that allows people in different locations to electronically contact and speak face-to-face, in real time and share all types of information including data, documents, sounds and pictures. In essence Video Conference removes the barriers of distance that separates from the conference participants, it is time and cost effective system which creative collective teamwork.

As Telesom which enthusiastically dedicates customer satisfaction and make possible always to bring the country the latest technology services which are applicable to the different market customer segmentation. Therefore, this Video Conference services is being highly required by the government institutions, UN and International agencies and large business industries.

In order to use Video conference System, what you require is the following components:

  • Video Input: Video Camera or Webcam
  • Video Output: Computer monitor, HD Television or Projector
  • Audio inputs: Microphone, CD/DVD player, Cassette player, or any other source of preamp audio outlet.
  • Audio Output: Usually loudspeakers associated with the display device or telephone.
  • Data Transfer: Analog or digital telephone network, LAN or Internet.
  • Computer: A data process unit that ties together the other components, does the compressing and decompressing, and initiates, maintains the data linkage via the network.

To access video conference services, please contact Telesom Sales center, customer care center, or dial 151 to get further details.

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