Recently I have read few articles of exchanges between the Siilaanyo and Faroole concubines mentioning the name Ali Khaliif Galaydh in regard to the TFG and SNM dialogue that was cancelled. I am saddened as I write this page to even put the names on the same page.

Ali Khaliif Galaydh is in a different league and his name shouldn’t be mentioned; however it’s my responsibility and the responsibility of every Somali nationalist to protect and safe guard other Somali nationalists. A man who finished on top of his class in every level of his educational career shouldn’t and mustn’t be on the same page as Siilaanyo, Faroole, Daud Bisinle, Abdisamad Ali Shire, Qaybe and Xaabsade.

Ali Khaliif Galaydh is a true Somali national treasure and his character must be protected. History tells us that true great leaders are those who stand firm on their principles and never waiver from the solemn commitments they are entrusted with. Mr Galaydh is among the great leaders of African nationalism, Pan-Africanism and Educators. Leadership is defined as the process which a person influences and motivates others to get involved in accomplishment of a particular task. This single definition, although universally accepted, fails to define the particular paths and ways of people who are deemed as great leaders. We know one thing, all great leaders in the history of Somalia had something unique about them and yet they were bound by Somali nationalism to mention few Somali nationalist just to remind the Somalis the true leaders of our great nation.

Adan Abdulle Osman was the first president democratically elected in Somalia. Adan Abdulle Osman was a main player in the anti-colonial movement and his main characters were determination, persistence, focus and will.

Sayid Mohamed Cabdulle Hassan one of the greatest leaders of all times, Mohamed led the Darwiish Movement in and around the Somali peninsula. His contribution to Somali nationalism was he stood his ground and told the Europeans you belong in Europe and not in Somalia.Sayid Mohamed united a chaotic nomadic Somali society in the name of Somali nationalism, morality and Humanity. He led the Darwiish movement to countless victories against armies much larger and more armed. His greatest qualities were his courage, leading by example, motivational approach, persistence and decision making and poetry.

Ismail Mire one of the greatest military generals of all times, Ismail Mire was also one of the best poets in the history of Africa. He led several campaigns against the British, Italians and Ethiopians with numerous victories and was single handedly responsible for driving the British to the Sea. He was also responsible for reforming the Darwiish army and thus laying the foundation for the Somali army. His greatest traits were his decisiveness, boldness, eagerness, motivation, strategic planning and poetry.

In conclusion Ali Khalif Galaydh belongs on the same page as Ahmed Gurey, Sayid Mohamed, Ismail Mire, Adan Abdulle Osman and Xaawo Taako and not the modern day Thugs in Somalia such as Faroole and Siilaanyo.

Mr Galaydh is a man of honour, integrity, truthfulness and must be respected and we must not forget that it’s the responsibility of all true Somali nationalists to protect one another from the Riffraff’s that are creating the havoc in our beautiful nation.
Cali Dhakaawe

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